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“We have an idea that logistics and supply chain is the most important business process in a company. With the brains of business development, the eyes of financial management, the hands of practical experience and the heart of operational excellence, we passionately develop and streamline our customer's supply chains.


Visibility from a control tower shows you the way to cost savings and improvements

In a retail study, it emerged that an increasing number of retailers are looking for faster deliveries and an increased flow visibility in order to provide more and better service...
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Data checks in but doesn't check out

Did you know that most companies have a hard time developing and improving their supply chains?  And that this is because there are no effects on the balance sheet?
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What you need to know about us

We help you with global goods flow to increase performance by creating tailor made solutions that result in better control, lower cost and a higher service level.

Primelog is an independent logistics solution provider. Our strengths lie in own developed software, best of breed partnerships, strong & global references and logistics competence. We are the leader in innovating logistics business.

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